41 Club Cyprus was founded in 1987, nine years after the foundation of Round Table in Cyprus. Since then it has grown covering all main towns of the island. The Association of 41 Clubs Cyprus today, comprises of 7 clubs with a total of 123 active members.

41 Club Cyprus has very close ties with Round Table Cyprus , Ladies Circle Cyprus & Tangent Club Cyprus. The four Clubs, together with the Cyprus Antinarcotics Association are co-founders of the Life Education Centres (LEC Cy) programme, aiming at educating children on how to avoid the use of addictive substances. LEC Cyprus (in association with the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Health) operate 12 mobile units –classrooms- which visit schools around the island and specially formulated programmes are presented to the children by trained educators. 


1. Argyrou Neofytos

9. Pantelides Pantelis

2. Georgiou Andreas

10. Polemides Nikos

3. Ioannou Andreas

11. Polidorou Tasos

4. Loizou Louis

12. Skoufaris Alecos

5. Makris Savvakis

13. Solonos Andreas

6. Michaelides Emilios

14. Syrimis Kyriakos

7. Neokleous Evripides

15. Syrimis Yiannis

8. Nicolaides Andreas

16. Zittis Akis